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Conversations centered around Asian fantasy genres, featuring content creators and experts of all varieties. Hosted by Jeremy Bai, known by the online name Deathblade, a writer and translator who specializes in Chinese fantasy genres such as xianxia, xuanhuan, and wuxia. Logo art by Xiaofanchuanart.

September 2, 2021

Lingying Chong: Manager of Singapore-based Asiapac, publisher of Condor Heroes Collector‘s Edition comic

Lingying and I talk about growing up around a publishing house, Condor Heroes, Jin Yong, wuxia, and much more!


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July 29, 2021

Etvolare: Returning guest! Chinese wuxia, xianxia, and period drama translator based out of Taipei

Etvolare and I get into a much more detailed and nuanced discussion than we had time for in the inaugural podcast. With a surprise ending...


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July 22, 2021

Patrick Laplante a.k.a. Red Mirage: Beijing-based author of Painting the Mists

Patrick and I talk about life in China, xianxia, and his epic series Painting the Mists


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July 15, 2021

Anand Ramcheron: South Africa based concept and comic book artist

Anand and I talk about drawing wuxia/xianxia art, A Will Eternal, art theory, and more!


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July 14, 2021

Apology and Announcement(s)


1) Sorry for the poor audio quality on the previous epsidoe and upcoming episode. My headphones broke, forcing me to record without them, leading to a feedback problem. I'll pick up a replacement pair before recording the next episode.

2) My series The Nine Heavens and Ten Earths has been picked up by a publisher. I'll soon pull all the books from Amazon, whereupon the publisher will relaunch them. Books 1-3 will be combined into a new "volume 1." There will be some additional content that I can provide for free to anyone who already read the series. I will be writing "volume 2" of the series later this year, and it will be published sometime in 2022.

3) When writing "volume 2" I might need to take a short hiatus from the podcast to focus on writing. Time will tell.

July 8, 2021

FudgeNouget a.k.a. Minjae Kwon: Korean translator of Second Coming of Gluttony and other works

Minjae and I talk about Second Coming of Gluttony, translation theory, and more. My audio is slightly messed up, and I couldn't fix it, I apologize about that in advance.


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July 1, 2021

Ramsey Dewey: Shanghai-based MMA coach and YouTuber

Ramsey and I talk about life in China, MMA, traditional Chinese martial arts, and more!


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June 24, 2021

Podcast Update!

Just a quick update regarding the state of the podcast!

June 17, 2021

John Zhu: Host of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Water Margin podcasts

John and I talk about Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Water Margin, podcasting, and other things.


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June 10, 2021

AvenueX: YouTuber specializing in Chinese TV dramas and cultural content

AvenueX and I talk about life in Chongqing, costuming in Untamed and Hong Kong Shaw Brothers movies, and other topics.


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